Necessary Evil: Temporary Ethics Fault

Heroes Novelty Shop and Roberts Petroleum Chemical Plant

Heroes Novelty Shop

Operation: Blue Shield
Signature: Admiral Veronica Triton

Unnamed cell made contact with the Hippocratic Oath and then performed a theft on a street vendor of black market drugs. The two criminals, Oswald and Glaive, are superhumans unknown to Omega at this time. Cell killed both superhumans and retrieved the required pharmaceuticals for the Oath. This has sealed the agreement – the Oath will perform limited medical interventions for Omega.

Mission is a success.

Signatory’s Addendum

The cell’s lack of a name is becoming obnoxious.

We can confirm that the two criminals are known to Omega. They are former members of an Omega cell that was raided and believed destroyed. Further information is unavailable at this time.

Roberts Petroleum Chemical Plant

Operation: Songline
Signature: REDACTED

To begin with, I submit my strong objection to the fact that the Omega cell performed two operations in as many days.

The cell made contact with the Roberts Plant foreman, and obtained entry. They began a wireless hack to try to silently compromise V’sori data. The operation went well, but there are sketchy details at this time. According to one source, the sound of a high-powered sniper rifle from some distance away was audible, though the K’tharen did not recognize it as such.

The operation was interrupted by a man in black armor named Shane Bismarck, a known criminal. He was brought down by the K’tharen and nearly apprehended. At that point, further wireless hacking was impossible. With the alarm raised, the cell departed immediately, killing one V’sori and two K’tharen in the process. They retrieved Shane Bismarck, who is now a member of the cell.

At some point during the mission, Nicolas Lusk disappeared. No attempts to track him down have been successful.

Signatory’s Addendum

Lusk is nowhere to be found. His CommLink was discovered smashed three blocks from the plant. No form of tracing has found him. The origin of the gunshot is unknown.

Doctor Destruction is en route to contact and indoctrinate Shane Bismarck.


Pneumonica Pneumonica

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