Necessary Evil: Temporary Ethics Fault

Kessler Building

Operation: Free Exchange
Signature: Me’mur

Cell infiltrated the Kessler Building as planned on the assigned day. Alert was raised almost immediately by heavy explosive. Accoustic signature of detonation is consistent with V’sori fusion grenade. Cell killed every K’tharen guard present in the office building and escaped with two crates of V’sori three dimensional processors. Cell also RESTRICTED SECURITY DATA.

Two survivors were allowed to live. One bore witness to the cell’s activity only on the ground floor, and is deemed a nonsecurity risk. One RESTRICTED SECURITY DATA, named VX. VX was retrieved and is now working for Omega. RESTRICTED SECURITY DATA

The mission is deemed a success.

Signatory’s Addendum

The cell failed to obey orders, and allowed two witnesses to escape. The receptionist is pointless, and trivially easy to kill, although I have no idea why further action against her is not authorized. VX, on the other hand, is a dangerous witness, an increase in RESTRICTED SECURITY DATA. He should not have been allowed to escape, even in Omega custody.

Reply by Dr. Destruction



Pneumonica Pneumonica

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