Necessary Evil: Temporary Ethics Fault

Southpoint Prisoner Transfer Center

Operation: Jail Break
Signature: REDACTED

Cell contacted by Doctor Destruction. All members of the cell volunteered to enter Omega prior to reaching terminal velocity. They were dispatched into the Transfer Center and went to work. All drones destroyed – K’tharen guard were elsewhere, having been distracted by the rescue of the cell.

Doctor Revelation and Brutality were seriously but not critically injured. Greater medical resources may be needed in the future for this cell.

Cell completed mission in liberating Mindjack. However, cell exceeded mission parameters in rescuing all prisoners except for one identified tentatively as Lord Ripflesh. Twelve prisoners were ferried away by Doctor Destruction himself.

Mission deemed success.

Supplemental Report

Identity of prisoners rescued has been tallied.

Spiro Halikas: Cab driver. No known superpowers. No useful skills.
D-Pack: Member of the Fourth Street Brujahs. No known superpowers. Wanted on five counts of attempted murder, three counts of aggrivated assault, and three counts of aggrivated sexual assault.
Professor Yesteryear
Handgemeen: Dutch superhero, approximately thirteen years of age. Civilian identity unknown. Name translates as “Scuffle”. Known to work with a group of other juvenile superheroes. Manifested powers during or immediately after V’sori invasion.
Crystal Wen: High school freshman. No known superpowers. No useful skills.
Blue Rose
Sergei Nigdeski: Retired gourmand. No known superpowers. Wealthy.
Raven: Sorcerous supervillain. No major achievements.


Sergei Nidgeski’s identity fails. His assets are sham assets, having been suddenly cleared out. Analysis indicates that “Nigdeski” actually means “from nowhere” in Russian. Despite careful analysis, no biological traces of “Sergei” could be found aboard the transport. He has disappeared and left no trace of his passing.


Pneumonica Pneumonica

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