Donald Rutledge

Superpowered attorney at law


Donald Rutledge doesn’t use his powers to fight crime. Indeed, he’s sometimes used it to defend criminals. Despite this, he is considered a hero by many people. He is an attorney. He’s defended three superhumans against criminal charges, two of whom were acquitted. He mostly practices in estate planning, financial law, and tax law. He also handles many of the civilian identity affairs of superhumans (and, as it was once discovered, both heroes and villains).

In the battles of superheroes and supervillains, the almost universal contention was that “Donald Rutledge is off limits and neutral ground”. He disappeared in the V’sori attack, and his partner, Thaddeus Quade, has been filling his shoes. Most of Donald’s client files disappeared with him, leading many to believe that he’s still alive.

Donald Rutledge

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