Empress Casey

Deposed Android Dictator of Halbvania (now Montenegro)


Race: Human

Rank: Novice

Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d10, Spirit d4, Strength d6, Vigor d6

Skills: Fighting D8, Knowledge (Engineering) d10, Knowledge (English) D8, Repair D10, Stealth D6

Charisma: +4; Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 5

Hindrances: Curious, Overconfident, Quirk (Building a Harem for self), Stubborn

Edges: Arcane Power (Super Power), Atractive, Noble

Super Powers:

  • Attack, Melee (2): Strength+d6 damage (electrical)
  • Chameleon (3)
  • Construct (5)
  • HQ (2): 5 HQ Points.
  • Minions (5): 1 Minion, Superpowers (4 Power Points)
  • Energy Control (2): Electricity

Experience: 0
Unspent Advancements: 0
Unspent Power Points: 1


Appearance: Empress Casey rarely appears in her mechanical appearance. She usually takes the form of a young woman with black hair and bright red eyes, clad in a Lolita style dress (Usually Gothic Lolita or Sweet Lolita.).

Personality: Empress Casey is incredibly angry over the loss of her nation, and wants revenge on the V’sori for destroying it and almost all her maids. Beyond that Casey is a firm believer that love conquers all….and when everyone loves her, she’ll conquer the world. Beyond this, having spent much of her life getting what she desires, she comes off as rather spoiled. Her ultimate reasons for joining Omega is to retake her country….and get to herself some more maids and a few dozen husbands and wives.

Background: One of the things that Zoran and Valentina, a husband and wife pair of supervillians turned dictators, overlooked for years was the need for an heir in their empire. Being long past the point where conceiving a child was no longer a viable option, they decided to make one via science. After a few short months, the two introduced the first princess of Halbvania, an android girl they created and named Casey. She watched and learned well from her creators, but over time grew disillusioned in them, until she decided she can rule better alone. So one day at dinner, she slipped her parents poison, smirking knowing that her days as princess are over, and she is now empress of Halbvania.

Her first act was to modify some of her weapons, and then fired it upon her parent’s chiefs of staff, secret police, ect and turn them into hundreds of French maids clad in gothic Lolita style maid dresses, preprogrammed to be utterly, and completely unwavering in loyal to her. She used that as a means of inspiring loyalty to her subjects, either you serve me willingly, or lose the ability to say no to me altogether. The maids proved more loyal than the Empress could imagine… loyal to the point of finding her torturing them physically pleasing. Despite her best efforts however, her nation was slowly falling apart, and then K’tharen invasion occurred and her country was destroyed. Casey and her favorite maid, Bonbon, barely managed to escape to America via a teleportation device.

Empress Casey

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