Killer that Kills

Urban combat military specialist.


Although coming complete with a superhero name, Paul Marhsall is, by all accounts, not superhuman. Although extremely skilled and capable, his capabilities dwell within human norms. That being said, his diverse skills and his ability to retain them are considerable. Paul got the nickname “Killer that Kills” in Kenya, and it was a Kenyan ambassador who gave that name to the United States. He was in SOCOM for most of his military career, but most of it was spent working for the CIA on jobs that have yet to be declassified. After leaving, he took up crimefighting and training police forces.

The Killer that Kills is sometimes referred to by that name by the K’tharen, who remember his fighting during the War. he was not present for any of the celebrations. His home was destroyed, but nobody knows if he was in it at the time. It’s entirely possible he is still at large. As far as most people are concerned, he’s an “honorary superhero”, despite the extreme measures that he takes, and the V’sori apparently agree.

Killer that Kills

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