Ecstatic, erotic, and occult superheroine


Leucothia probably didn’t know a great deal about ancient mythology or history, but knew enough to unlock some occult secrets within herself. She became a demigoddess, running around in bric-a-brac outfits from ancient Egypt, Athens, Minos, Persia, and many other nations. Often half-dressed or completely undressed, she would cover herself in a mixture of her own blood and the blood of animals and charge headlong against crime, wielding a double-headed axe and mystical powers. The very sight of her was enough to terrify most people. She believed that she was a Snake Goddess, the Lady of the Labrys, or perhaps that such a goddess had presented herself to her. She called herself a maenad.

Leucothia was killed by the K’tharen during the early part of the Fin War. She cast a spell that prevented the atmosphere from evacuating from a segment of a K’tharen vessel for the scant moments needed for the others to escape. Unfortunately, she was right up against the airlock door as it was opening, and couldn’t keep herself from being sucked out.


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