Villainous geophysicist


Terron, real name Jacob Bradley, was a geophysicist and geothermal engineer. He was also rather mercenary, but after the third energy company got bit in the back by him they all black balled him. To further fund his retirement, he turned to crime. Although he wasn’t prolific in his criminal enterprises, he was catastrophic. He was a geophysical master, an engineering genius, and a brilliant roboticist. His attack robots are still considered the gold standard.

Among his exploits included holding Japan for ransom by threatening a 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami. He pulled something similar in Los Angeles, and managed to vent a small amount of magma into the subway system before being stopped. His threat to “pop the cork” at the Valles Caldera in New Mexico (causing the supervolcano to erupt) was also thwarted.

His last exploit was to attempt to shatter the North American tectonic plate in the North Atlantic, prodicing an unstable fault region that would stretch from New York to Greenland. The plan failed due to the intervention of The Aquarian, The Hippocratic Oath, Phobos, and an unknown fourth individual who was a friend and ally of Phobos. The mobile undersea facility was scuttled, and Terron went down with it. It was later recovered by the Aquarian, and the corpse of Terron was confirmed.


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