Tag: flight


  • Ace

    Ace, born Llwyllyn Ace, was a Welsh superhuman that went on to fight in World War II. He could fly and shoot sparks that could take down aircraft, and fought heavily in the Battle for Britain. He went on to assist in bombing raids. Ironically, he was …

  • Champion

    Champion was a well-known hero. He's worked for both United States and United Nations task forces, and he was an all-around incredible hero. He was one of the heroes who fought [[:the-outsider | the Outsider]] when he appeared, and fought the Fins in …

  • Voregoyle

    Voregoyle has been stalking the cities for a while. She seems to have an unholy hunger for human meet, despite the fact that her powers appear technological in nature. She wears a suit with wings that allow her flight, and sharp claws.