Downtime, Side Events, Side Quests, and Interludes

You can do stuff between games. There will be four forms this will take.

Downtime Actions and Side Quests

You can opt to do something in particular between games. This might become a mini-adventure (you might bring other characters, but if its big enough this will simply become the subject of the next game). More likely, it’ll just be a quick RP thing likely handled over the forum.

Side Events

Things will be happening to your characters between games. They won’t be big deals, but stuff will pop up. I will draw a card for each character. A royal, ace, or joker means that something happens. The suit determines the nature of the thing. I will determine its general nature and present it to you – you determine how you respond. There should be little, if any, dice rolling involved.

Getting a side event will award you with an additional Benny in the next game.

Clubs – Some minor mishap occurs. This could be a car wreck, getting mugged (or seeing a mugging), etc. It will more than likely not be especially dangerous, but it may present an opportunity to do something.

Spades – A potential opportunity. You might come across an old friend who could give some help in the future, or you might reveal a plot thread. Something will happen that you should respond to, and your response will determine what (if anything) you get out of it.

Hearts – Potential allies. You meet someone in a relatively peaceful environment and might be able to strike up a friendship. Rare is the day this will give you a major NPC backer, but it might give you an introduction later.

Diamonds – Resources become available. You get a chance to obtain something. This will probably be something useful, although there’s no guarantee. It might cost you something, or require you to jump through a few hoops.

Black Joker – Major event. You are there for something big. This might blossom into a mini-adventure.

Red Joker – Major NPC. You meet somebody especially special. This might involve some detailed RP.


As your characters get to know each other, they’ll learn about each other. Interludes are an opportunity to let people in on your character, and for others to connect better to your characters. After every game, I will select a random character and draw a card. Depending on the draw, you will be asked to relate some kind of detail about your character’s background or personality. It doesn’t have to be earth-shattering or core and fundamental, but it should be something of some value in “getting to know” the character.

Giving a reasonable Interlude will grant you an additional benny at the start of the next game.

Clubs — Tragedy: Describe a some tragedy or misfortune from your villain’s past, featuring one of his Hindrances if possible. If the villain has a secret of some kind, hint at it, drop clues, or otherwise give the rest of the group a glimpse into your villain’s most shameful side during your narrative.

Spades — Victory: Tell the group about a great victory or personal triumph in your villain’s past. How did it affect him afterward? Was there a reward?

Hearts — Love: Speak fondly of the villain’s greatest love — lost, found, or waiting on him back home. What is/was his name? Where does/did he live? Why is the villain not with him now? Alternately, if this is inappropriate, you can discuss dearest friends, loved ones, or others of the kind.

Diamonds — Desire: Villains are made of needs. Tell a tale about something your villain wants (or already has). It might be a material possession, recognition, a political goal, or even a trip he wishes to take to some amazing destination.

Black Joker – Origin: Tell us a bit about how the villain came into being. There’s generally some trigger to superhuman powers – what caused it? Alternately, give the group hints as to how you came to your life of crime. You don’t need to give the whole origin story (and indeed, your secrets might not be safe if you do), but give it to us in bits and pieces.

Red Joker – Defining Moment: Tell the group something about how you came to learn more of yourself. Life is its own parable – tell us about a life event that defines, typifies, or founds some basic principle of your characters. As to what that principle is, you can feel free to let ’em guess.

Downtime, Side Events, Side Quests, and Interludes

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