Current Ruler: Warlord Ketis

A small coastal nation in the Balkans, in the part of the former Yugoslavia that was supposed to be the Socialist Republic of Montenegro. After WWII, when Yugoslavia was being organized to mirror the Soviet Union, a husband and wife pair of high-tech superhumans named Zoran and Valentina led an army of drones with heavy, if unofficial, NATO support. The two set up their regime in the Empire of Halbvania.

Halbvania became a coastal buffer nation to the Eastern Bloc, but like so many other puppet regimes was its own dictatorial fortress, made all the worse by the advanced technological capabilities of its two leaders. While its neighbors eyed it warily, they didn’t dare attack, and the Halbvanians themselves didn’t advance, leading to an uneasy boundary.

Unfortunately for the rest of the world, Halbvania became something of a “pirate port”. Criminal syndicates, terrorist organizations, and supervillains could find commerce in Halbvania quite easily. While many in both the NATO powers and the Eastern Bloc wanted to see the nation fall, everybody knew that the cost would be catastrophic, both for the Montenegran people themselves and the Balkans in general.

Sometime in the 1990’s, the Emperor and Empress realized that they had never produced an heir, and now in their 70’s they were not going to do it the natural way. Along the way there came Princess Casey, a super-advanced cognitive android who was the official heir apparent to the Imperial Family. She developed under the tutelage of her parents and their various ministers.

Then, shortly after the inauguration of President Bush, the two suddenly died at the same time. Strong suspicion fell on Princess Casey, who became the Empress Casey, but nobody dared speak of it. The nation fell into disarray, but not because of the change of rulership. The nation fell into disarray because the Empress Casey was insane. Using advanced technologies, she created an army of maids from her own population and used them to rule over Halbvania. This did not go over well, and the nation was crumbling even before the K’tharen attack.

The regime of the Empress Casey was cut short early in the war. It was not the V’sori sneak attack but the early K’tharen raids that razed the nation. The K’tharen struck the nation for its bizarre technological secrets, looting the technological repositories and eating many of the legendary servant girls of the Empress. It is believed that the Empress herself escaped. Her present whereabouts is unknown.

The nation is now organizing itself under the V’sori. It has reclaimed the name Montenegro. The ruins of the Imperial Palace are still there, a pile of rubble that nobody dares poke at for fear of what might come out.


Halbvanians speak the Montenegrin dialect of Serbo-Croatian. It is mutually-intelligible with Croatian, Bosnian, and Serbian, and so even if none of these dialects is a native language, anybody with Knowledge (Balkans) at d6 or better has at least basic fluency in each of these dialects.


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