Major Persons


Hero Civilian Identity Current Status
Ace Llwyllyn Ace Deceased
American Anvil Unknown Missing
Aquarian, the King Meros Deceased
Cardinal Virtue Unknown Missing
Champion Unknown Deceased
Donald Rutledge Donald Rutledge Missing
Four Star Unknown Deceased
Hammer of Justice Unknown Missing
Hippocratic Oath, the Unknown Deceased
Killer that Kills Paul Marshal Unknown
Leucothia Unknown Deceased
Lucky Unknown Deceased
Partisan, the Marie Broussard Active
Phobos Unknown Deceased
Professor Yesteryear Professor Diminution Yesteryear Active
Revenger, the Unknown Active
Serenade Unknown Deceased
Silver Sentinel, the Unknown Deceased
Takeout Unknown Deceased


Villain Civilian Identity Current Status
Astarte Natalie Page Active
Colonel Clone Unknown Deceased
Cutter Unknown Active
Deimos Unknown Active
Doctor Destruction Unknown Active
Doctor Devolution Dr. Juan O’Neil Deceased
Empress Casey Casey Unknown
Garrison CAC-d-17 Active
Hydra Unknown Active
Intelligent Transgression IDS-1 Deceased
Kaiju Unknown Unknown
Lehrer Cornelius Weiss Deceased
Longarm Unknown Active
Lord Ripflesh Unknown Active
Me’mur Unknown Active
Mindjack Kenneth Ranger Active
Monolith, the Unknown Retired
Outsider, the Unknown Deceased
Red Fero None Active
Queen of Hearts Unknown Active
Shugenja, the Unknown Deceased
Spinwarp Unknown Active
Terron Jacob Bradley Deceased
Viper Unknown Believed Active
Voregoyle Unknown Active

Humans and Aliens

Name Position Current Status
Barbara Pierce Bush Daughter of the President In Hiding
George W. Bush President of the United States Deceased
Jenna Bush Daughter of the President In Hiding
Jerry Perez Mayor of Star City Active
Laura Bush First Lady of the United States In Hiding
Warlord Grypon V’sori Warlord of Star City Active

Major Persons

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