Location: Star City
Constituency: Brutality, Dr. Revelation, Empress Casey, Nicolas Lusk

Introduction to the V-MAP

This voice message comes from a female voice with a Yorkshire accent. The only exception is where it says “REDACTED”, in which case it is a computer voice.

Good morning. I am REDACTED. I have real duties, but I am also tasked with assisting in coordination, so I have provided this training brief on your CommLinks and the V’sori Military Activity Profile, or V-MAP.

The CommLink is readily available to you. If it appears to have fallen into enemy hands or simply left your control, it will automatically self destruct. It will do the same if you turn traitor, although the self destruct protocol in that case will be far more violent. The CommLink is security encoded. It will allow you to communicate with Omega and with the rest of your cell. It also contains the interface for the V-MAP. CommLinks are readily replacable, and if you lose yours one will be courriered to you promptly. You can’t escape that easily.

CommLinks can also be installed into any major command center, allowing you to coordinate activities and maintain interface on a much more significant level. If you have a headquarters with a properly-designed command center, you will receive an additional CommLink to connect to it. This will allow you even greater interactivity with Omega.

The V-MAP is your key to Omega operations. It will not list all Omega operations, merely ones that we feel your security and need to know will tolerate. Generally, you will see several. You will first see two maps that will display the locations of potential missions. One is a global map, the other is the map of your primary location.

Should you accept a mission, you will be expected to complete it. Noncompletion will have consequences. Each mission has a timeframe – do not concern yourself if the time lapses on missions you have not accepted, we have other operatives besides yourselves. Some have unclear time limitations – keep in mind that the time may lapse without warning.

The V-MAP will also contain information relevant to your cell about V’sori operations, especially as they may impact potential future missions. It will contain information about other factors as well, such as potential troubles not directly related to the V’sori. Please keep all of this information in mind as you peruse the database.

Now, feel free to peruse the V-MAP, and I hope to discover that you are productive members of the resistance.

Current V-MAP Missions

Sewers and Catacombs of Star City

Submitted By; Doctor Destruction
Mission Type: Trespass to Land, Trespass to Chattel
Timefrime: Immediate

I have called upon you personally to perform this mission for me. Where I first dropped you off after the Prisoner Transfer Center, there is a warehouse. I believe I pointed it out to you at the time. When you go there now, you will find a large, heavy machine. This machine is important because of a recent need for large amounts of power continuously generated.

You must take the machine into the sewers, and from there make it into the Catacombs. In the Catacombs, you must find the lair of Terron. His geothermal power plant can provide me with the power I need for subsequent operations. Connect the machine to the power plant. The Undergrounders are an unknown. They may avoid you, ignore you, attack you, or trade their land for blankets. We frankly don’t know, and I frankly don’t care.

You will need a method of conveying the machine. Also note that the Catacombs are vast. Conjecturally, I would say it would take you at least a year to find a purposefully-hidden facility without any advance information. You have until I started this message before I become impatient, and now that I am impatient I will tell you – I will brook no further delays.

I will know when you have connected the machine.

Current SitRep

V’sori are devoting archeological resources to Atlantis. This appears to be pure factfinding.

V’sori have increased operations in Spain. Current expanded intelligence shows considerable troop movement intended to act against the Partisan’s resistance forces. Operations throughout Europe must take caution, and avoid upsetting the V’sori too significantly lest a crackdown occur because of us.

Medical facilities are available on an as is important to Omega basis. If you are injured and you are of sufficient importance to warrant safety, you can be treated.

The Roberts Petroleum Chemical Plant in Star City has suffered moderate damage. Operations have ended for now.


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