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The wiki is where you will keep up to date on many of the elements of the game. In-game news, future scenarios, and useful information will all be found here. At the moment, nothing is here because I’m not changing very much from the rules as written or from the setting. However, as events unfold, a News page will inform you of the newest events being related by the news media, while the Adventure Log will tell you what has already happened to you, and the V-MAP will tell you what is coming.

This will also have a list of PCs as well as known NPCs, which list will also be linked from the above tab. The Maps and Forums might also be used for various events.

Keeping Up

The campaign forum will be used to interact between games. It will help out a lot.

Experience Awards

A long time ago in the history of Savage Worlds, there was a system that allowed you to roll dice for a chance to convert unspent bennies into XP. This was an excellent idea, marred by one particular fault – it was random. This system is a revised version.

At the end of a game, when XP is awarded, you will be awarded one bonus XP for having three or more bennies. You will get two bonus XP for having six or more.

Downtime, Side Events, Side Quests, and Interludes

Make sure you keep up with downtime. While it won’t take an incredible amount of time, there are bonuses for some stuff you can do in downtime.


You will be given comm units and V-MAPs which will communicate activities which are needed of you. The forum is where you can discuss what scenarios you want to go down. Remember that if you want to do something in particular, it doesn’t have to be on the V-MAP to be done. (Just make sure I know about it before game day, and understand there may be a week’s delay.)


Pace and Running

Your Pace can vary dramatically. Having a D6, or even a D10, running die just won’t cut it. Running speed is now dynamically generated. The die type is equal to your Pace. Thus, if you have a Pace of 8", your base running die is D8. For odd Paces, use the next highest die. Thus, a 7" Pace will also produce a D8 running die.

If your Pace is greater than 12", every 2" above 11" will increase the die by +1. Thus, a character with a Pace of 15" has a running die of D12+2.

The Fleet Footed Edge increases your base Pace, but will also increase the running die by one step. Thus, for an ordinary character, the Pace of 6" and running die of D6 will be increased to a Pace of 8" and a running die of D10.

Super speed and flight will do dynamic things to your Pace. If your Pace is multiplied, apply the multiplier normally, and then recalculate your running die. A normal character with a base Pace of 6" with x5 super speed will have a final Pace of 30" and a running die of D12+9.

If you also have Fleet Footed, calculate Pace off of the modified amount, and increase the running die by the multiplied number of steps. From the above example, taking Fleet Footed would increase the super speed to 40", and the running die will be D12+14.

Extras and Initiative

Contrary to the core rules, groups of NPCs under your control will not share your initiative card. They get their own benefit from Level Headed, Quick, etc., and not from yours.

Lair and Headquarters

The lair Power is not in use. Instead, headquarters is in use. The rules for this are in the Super Powers Companion. There is also a Headquarters Edge. However, if you want a headquarters and you don’t have that book, you can work with me.

Remember that multiple characters can pool their HQ points to create one grand headquarters. Keep this in mind as your characters begin to team up.


Normally, only Combat Edges may be given to minions, because only Super Powers may be imparted to them. However, for the purposes of minions only, super edge can be used to give them non-Combat Edges. However, minions may not have Leadership Edges, Connections, Wealth, Noble, Headquarters, Arcane Backgrounds, or Legendary Edges. Other Edges might also be scratched from the list at my discretion.


Places you know or have been will be listed here.

Star City



Federal Severe Hazard Repositories


All the news that’s fit to print, right here!

Major Persons

As the game goes along, significant persons will be added to this list. I will set it so that you can see any information that your character uniquely possesses, so make sure you check their character bio pages for more information.

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