Sunday, October 20, 2004

Superhumans Thwart Villain Crackdown in Star City!

Reported by CNN

The V’sori recently attempted a sweep of supervillains in Star City. The mission was nearly successful, and would have removed such horrors as the Empress Casey and Deimos from the world at last.

However, several supervillains staged a cowardly rescue, diverting forces from the police force and attacking the police when they were in weakened numbers. Twelve prison guards were slain.

However, it was not entirely successful. Among those recaptured after the escape is Lord Ripflesh. He was taken to one of the V’sori motherships and executed earlier this morning. His last words were explitive, but apparently directed against someone named “Nick”.

Saturday, October 19, 2004

Superhuman Round-Up in Star City!

Reported in the Star City Bugle

The V’sori have announced that they have put into motion a major combined assault to capture as many of the at-large supervillians still active within Star City. According to them, over twenty terrible criminals have been brought to justice, and are soon to be transferred offworld for execution.

The V’sori have yet to provide hard and fast numbers, but have commented that a number of notorious villains are on the list of those captured. Individuals like Lord Ripflesh, Mindjack, and Voregoyle were specifically mentioned on the list of these dangerous offenders.

God willing, the streets of Star City will be safer again when they are taken to the stars to meet their fate.

Queen of Hearts Believed Active

Reported by CNN

The United States west coast has been terrorized by the Queen of Hearts for over two decades, but in the wake of the alien invasion she fell silent. However, criminal actions by people resembling the mind-locked slaves of the Queen have raised the possibility that she is still alive and still active. The V’sori have refused to comment on this.

Investigators who have been pursuing the Queen say that this new string of actions bears many of her hallmarks, but also unique distinctions, indicating that after the V’sori attack she may have changed her modus operendi in some way.

New Drug Hits the Streets of Southpoint

Reported by the Star City Bugle

A new drug, called EZ, is now flooding the streets of Southpoint. This drug is an addictive aphrodesiac. Urban legend associates the drug with the so-called dregs, people driven insane by superpowers, but no mutagenic quality has been found by the scientists who have examined it. Southpoint was intended to be an experiment in bettering the lives of people, but is now a criminal haven. The V’sori should work to clear it of the lethargic wastes that fill it.


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